The selfless one

Molded into the hand of the mighty to set forth all that has been laid out for him. He adapts, he journeys with little to no effort and when asked what his secret is his faced turned aglo as a ray of sunshine radiated throughout his gleaming face. Its her you see. That one right there. She let me live. She let’s me breathe.

I myself cannot comprehend how I’ve gone through all I have. I’ve had myself choking to death swaying and hanging on by the threads that bound me to my bitter end. Where did my strength from you asked? From the thought she would be left with no one to comfort her. From knowing that no man would suit her well without flaws that she will look upon and only see that potential each of them holds.

I think about each knock I was at the receiving end of. Why. I don’t know I’ll smile and say. Maybe its because I know that she’s going to be the one whose going to get me, the very core of me. I’m going to need to know how bad to kick her feet from under her so she can fall as I watch her subside and submit to the challenge I put forth, all to catch her to ensure she knows I love her.

I’ll eat and eat. No not because I enjoy the nutrition to my bones and my health and detriment thereof. No, no. Oh but its to gaze upon her face as she works her way through her meal to watch her look at me with her Bambi eyes and know she no longer can and that she is about to explode from all that had been laid before her.

Maybe its each of those reasons maybe…