A stray bullet

​I’m so sorry that I was in your way

I’m sorry that you couldn’t get the guy you wanted because of me, the obstacle that was in your way. The one who caused you to miss your target. 

  You hit the bullet in my spine though. Great idea. Stray bullets flying back and forth between yourself and your that guy. Why? 

  I don’t understand why you had to make use of me when you ran from the one post to the next. Did you think I was that big of a threat to you? Me and my small fragile body… I’m only 5 years old. I wanted to be a police officer like my mom. She protects others but she couldn’t protect me. 

  She ran into the hospital trying to find me and once she did she heard that I was being operated on due to you and your missed target. She was crying alot when she heard this. The doctor told her the I am in danger as the bullet is embedded in the groove of the discs in my spinal cord. 

  She says she heard over her radio that there was a shoot out near where we lived but she couldn’t leave where she was stationed to be at the time. My mom was really worried as she knew I was probably playing outside with Jesse and Caitlyn. 

  You Mr “I can’t shoot straight” you caused the tears in my mother’s beautiful eyes, you caused the hurt in my father’s heart when I told him that my back was sore and when he said everything will be alright. I didn’t know that I got shot. My dad saw the blood and he knew. 

Are you a parent? Do you want this for your child? I hope you feel good knowing that I may be paralysed for the rest of my life if the bullet severed any nerves. 


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