Please wake up mommy

He woke up this morning with his mom lying next to him holding him tightly. He’s only 6 years old. She’s not breathing! Where’s my dad? He hurt her last night… Why is mommy not moving. Mommy wake up

Its okay he’s not here right now we can run away.

Mommy why aren’t you moving come on we have to go, our bag is still under the bed with the money, we can go.

Come on now!!

Mommy you’re not breathing. Wait maybe my asthma pump will help. Okay, 1- 2 breathe!!

Mommy before he comes. Please you’re bleeding we need to get you up. 

Why is your face so cold? Why is your eyes still open? Why are you holding me so tightly?

Mommy are you okay? Answer me!!!


Did he do it? Did daddy do this to you? Can you please say something. 

I remember you told me you loved me last night but you aren’t showing me that you do.

Mommy you are still asleep aren’t you?

Wait for me…

I’ll get someone to help you wake up.

Please wake up I promise I’ll listen to you from now on when you tell me to hide. I’ll listen when you tell me nows not the time. This is all my fault. I didn’t want him to hurt you again and now you can’t speak, you’re not moving. Its all my fault.

Mommy I can’t face him alone. Please help me, help you, help us. Please.


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