Dear rebels: No box can keep us bound

This is for the rebels and those who never could truly fit in what the system expects from us and says that we should do. These lines are for the Wild Ones.

Society makes us believe that something within us isn’t right when we are too different. Are we damaged? Should we be repaired or even cured?

When you decided to break the rules and step out of every comfort zone and possible shelters, people started to ask you questions. When you made the decisions to forget the mainstream guidelines, your be-careful and you-should-think-twice entourage began to worry.

When you declared that big changes were about to happen in your life, but ones you couldn’t disclose yet, your friends, your family and even your enemies started to wonder.

So, you got scared precisely because you were seeing that they couldn’t understand your choices.

But you’re alright. Trust these letters.

They do not worry for you because you’re a mistake or because you’ve taken a wrong path. You aren’t, they aren’t either. People are different, and that is all. You can’t blame them. You can only love, and let go if you really don’t feel aligned.

They worry because they could never jump that far.

They worry for you because you exhale freedom, love, colors, surrender and joy. Because they know that only true warriors shine that bright, they worry for you because they can imagine your — our — fights.

They wonder because they have what you don’t, and because you have what they can’t grasp. They worry for you because they can see all that you’ve taken away from the box of your life, in order to walk in freedom.

They are curious about your journey because you live in your truth. And seeing the truth is scary, it aches, it even screams sometimes. And their own truth could hurt them just as it did damage to you not that long ago.

They worry when they hear about your stories because you’ve managed to find enough strength to walk a life based on your beliefs. What they see in you is the reflection of what they can’t be.

How brave you are! Trust these lines.

You’re on the way to yourself, and we can all see that. You’re walking towards your own unique beauty, your authentic golden self, and that gold knows no price.

You — we — have chosen the winding roads of the seekers. You’ve said No so many times to all the things that didn’t feel aligned with your heart.

You’ve decided that your happiness mattered more than any title or status. Your joy was more important than any outfit, you deserved more than what seemed sparkling but lacked flavor at heart.

Yes, you’re scary. You’re even incredible, see what you’ve achieved.~

Lizelle Lewis​


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