I miss feeling safe. I miss feeling secure. I have no idea what to do. I’m trapped in a confined room with glinting spikes clothed with poison and they’re just taking giant lunges  with each minute that passes by.

My head rings with your words if “you’re a disgrace of a daughter,” it is flooded out with the evil smirk you have and your non- chalant answers of “I’m just closing the window,” “no your light was flickering,” even when it’s underneath a pillow.

Where do you find the guys to lie in this manner with a kiss as a plaster. My love, you first need to examine the damaged caused prior to placing a plaster on the wound you’ve created.

You have no respect! What about my mom in the next room whom YOU HAVE VOWED to LOVE and to cherish TILL DEATH DO YOU PART. A solemn vow, a pledge of your FAITHFULNESS.

This is a love you need to shield and protect. It should never be abused and should never be exposed to the elements of the ordinary, as there is nothing ordinary nor common to it. 

It is a tarnished love you’ve created. One I do not approve of. One that cannot grow beautiful nor precious as you were meant to be my first partner. A person whom I was meant to look to as a guide for my future husband. 

It is wrong. This is a disgrace.


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