A man who loves you wouldn’t leave you when times get tough

You got sick a couple of times at home, puking your guts out. You haven’t told him as you know he is not ready.

It might just be the last thread which is keeping you together. So you fall to the ground praying and coming to the realization you have two options- either have it ripped from you or lose the love of your life.

The following day you off to the pharmacy getting a pregnancy test- TWO LINES (oh shizz you’re screwed). You run to your GP tears streaking your face and the test falls out of your bag. She understands. Blood tests are then agreed to and actioned.

Evening falls, drenched you come into your home contemplating, completely zoned out, NOT READY, SCARED, AFRAID of his reaction. You walk right pass him no hello, no eye contact, no physical contact. NOTHING.

He peers into the bedroom bathroom and finds you in the shower with water pouring over you, “I’m pregnant baby” – excuse me? “I have all the symptoms, I’ve done the tests, every outcome is positive.”

“SHIT!” he’s pacing, you’re crying. What will come of this? He says nothing. You get up, wrapping your arms around yourself, concerned that he might back away. He stops dead in his tracks makes eye contact at last and raises his hand on you. A hand print right across your face. “How could you let this happen,” he asks “So this is how it is?”

He runs off into the night, no calls for the next couple of days. Desperate to know his whereabouts you head for his mom’s place. She doesn’t know where he is but her wisdom seeps through. SHE KNOWS.

She hugs you holding you tightly, while your tears once again escape your eyes. She knows the pain as the same happened to her when she had fallen pregnant with the very man who had left you, her son. “Together,” she says “we will raise your son or daughter, he or she will have the support of two strong women” and too begins to cry.


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