I refuse your perverse nature

Your toxic kisses, manipulative words, your lies you speak as a father, your endless perverse desires you seek to action.

I detest you as a human being and have disowned you as a father in the basis that I may think clearly to ensure my brutal sanity. A perverse mind such as yours does not even entertain the wolves walking stealthily across our streets.

You’re meant to be a protector yet my sister has to be a victim to your unfortunate dirty desires. She is beautiful, yes. Assets she does possess yes. But who put you here to be that ugly, that disgusting at least have some respect for yourself as a pillar of the community. 

I see you. I see you intentions and I pray everyday that she may be protected from your hunger. I will play the part as her protector and I will not hesitate to remove the crown everyone sees. 

I will not hesitate to destroy your trustworthy reputation seen by the rest of the world. 

I will have them see who you are and you my love will pay dearly for the wrong you have done. 

That I can and will guarantee you.


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