A cry for help

A panda, a dog, a pat on the head, a Facebook comment: “We are all fortunate to be able to see with our own eyes *how amimals of all kinds* are CAPABLE of LOVE.”

Today I sit with a screaming mind praying for the many kids who are in hospital due to the gang violence outbreaks. Where these innocent children have been thrown with slabs of cement and bricks. No more guns thank heavens, but with a material used to build up beautiful architectural sites and buildings and homes and schools.

In my own opinion gangsters as they are called are a bunch of cowards who has chosen a life of misery and destruction. The old gangsters with the class and the value systems of one man vs the next where they treated the average Joe with respect and did not throw around their weight as though they own the streets. Now it’s just a messy happy dance rampage ar one another without a care of the innocent bystanders. Ruthless! Killers! Cowards!

These kids that you are giving the death penalty to are our future you have no right to raise your hand on the basis of any legal law. These children that are now in hospital with their parents praying that it soon will end and that their children will be safe in the place they live.

You have no territory. You have no space that belongs to you. Go and purchase a plot like the rest of us “normal” human beings. No area, no street belongs to you! It belongs to the people who are living honest lives paying for their homes that you are destroying with your gun bullets and your brick throwing. SO WHY CAN’T YOU DO THE SAME?

Now the municipality has to clean up YOUR MESS that you have created. You feel you are man enough because of a gun you can shoot. You can’t even aim properly. You feel invincible because of your rank. Please you are a mere man who has a family too I would hope and you are endangering their lives! What is wrong with you.

You are breaking up homes and families, you are igniting fear and anxiety in the place I grew up. Cross fires and bursts of violence does not phase the innocent child when we are playing our games. The looks on our mothers faces, the screams and the pull aways so that my child does not get hurt in this. Hiding behind a black bin because it’s not my life but the one I carried for 9 months who I am worried about.

Look around. How long can you keep this up. Treaty after treaty. School child after school child. You are tainting our community.

They say it takes a community to raise a child. If this is the situation then I STRONGLY disagree.


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