Beautiful, battered, bruised

Love, something brutally blinding, it rocks your boat back and forth like a melodious mantra. It rocks your boat, oh yes it does, to exactly what you perceive it to be. To the extent where you need to become a living carcass for believing that the toxic, consuming, overbearing love that is sinking you down into your grave is the standard of love you’re worth.

Let this love go you are putting on a shimmering cloak, a facade that is quite transparent. I know you love him, I do. It however does not justify why you’re still with the coward.

Just to get this all clarified, you’re in love, even with all the lies of knocking your face at the doorknob accidentally, of falling down the staircase, you love him? The man who dares to raise a hand on you…

I know you love him, you prove it in your loyalty towards him when being asked the very blunt question that taints your eyes. Why hide away that you’re in a small closet praying that he cannot smell your fear, nor hear you holding your breath. You somehow are terrified that I my look down on you if you blurt out every single wrong whilst removing your cloak you’ve been wearing for so long. Why would I have you destroy your life, your living carcass that you’re evolved into.

You deserve life and nothing less.

It’s okay to feel helpless and this punishment love, YOU DO NOT DESERVE IT.

He feels that he is right, in control, he feels powerful as he triggers his unproductive temper.

On the flip side I need you to know that his anger and misguided logic is due to his insecurities of abandonment and loss of authority. He believes in his flare of charm to manipulate you to stay, he sees you as his possession, he is well aware of your value and even more so what you love are capable of.

You are beautiful and right now you’re battered and bruised by a man who believes in dominion.

I will get you out.

Just trust me. Trust YOU.