Dear little lady

I hope you to find a man such as mine. One who will protect you even though he’s had two hours of sleep for the past two days. A man who will go above and beyond to ensure you, his woman, has a brighter future by finding ways of empowering you to have you study, to have you get that job, that career you’ve always wanted. I hope you find a man who will protect you from all harm and dwell in the quarters of the enemy himself to have you, his gem, kept safe.
I pray that you would find love- the type of love you deserve. The one set out for you by your maker to have and to hold till death do you part. I trust you will thoroughly enjoy every single moment of it and that the memory thereof may be cemented into your mind so that one day in your old age you may remember the love you shared and the life you’ve lived.

A man so gentle that even his words like feathers will float in the glimmer of the sun. That his bold characteristics may never make you shudder but instead uplift you. Even more so to know that you are being represented by a man, a King, one who would never have his ego stroked by the blemishing and disintegration of your well-being.May he, the man who wins you, always hold you in your heart and cherish you every single day, but in turn you ought to do the same.

Remember every coin has two side and keep in mind which ever pasture you water and keep tidy is the one that will bear you good fruit.