Dear little girl


I am female
I have legs, a set of breasts, a face with a number of features, yes I have genitals, I also have hands and arms.

Firstly, I, in all my forms of physical maturity has this body. Ive been gifted with it, so how dare you an outsider come and insult my beauty that glows from within and radiates to my peers, colleagues, friends and family.
So how dare you an outsider come and insult my curves and skinny bones. When did I give you any authority to look at me in this detrimental fashion. My bad I didn’t. Sorry.
Secondly, although I am a female and your primal instinct is to procreate- there is no way I have allow you to look at me as a sex object which you can pry on with your sexual comments. Keep them to yourself and your perverse mind. Dont influence others with your venomous tongue hissing at its next victim. How dare you. Why not admire my physique and I’ll consider my acquaintanceship with you. Maybe.
Thirdly, my fellow female companions, ladies, future wives. Whether I know you or not how dare you look down your nose at me saying look at her hair. And face, and teach your kids this is how the world is there are some pretty and others just prettier. Are you teaching your daughter’s their worth and you teaching them what their standard should be when looking for their man not boyfriend.
Fourth, males, future father’s and husband’s how are you teaching your son’s to treat their woman, their future wife. Even more so are you teaching your daughter how she ought to be treated by her future husband.
Lastly. Dear world. Dear universe. I am a woman. We are women. Please understand our place in this world. Please keep us safe from all men who wants to take advantage. Keep our minds sound so we may know which path to take with our lives. Help us not to make the wrong decision. Give us our primal instinct to know that if we are in a certain situation we are able to get out of it swiftly with no harm brought to ourselves.

I am a woman in all my forms of physical maturity.


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