Our nation’s has fallen victim to an epidemic that would eventually kill us all. It is a barbaric practise that was meant to be eradicated generations ago. Unfortunately, up until now it has still not been removed from our society. 
It is killing our people, tainting them with a song with large bold clangs. It hurts your people do you not see this?

When a child is hurt the mothers first instinct is to comfort and mend the wound so that it can heal but constant picking at it won’t allow it to heal. The same applies for real life. 

In case you havent noticed the mothers in this scenario are each of us. Each broadcast that comes live on television hurts us by seeing just how much damage has been caused.

Do you not care, do you then choose to live a barbaric life of deceit, ignorance, and pain?

Do you intend on mending the wounds you’ve ripped open again, or are you just going to rub salt in the wounds each and every day of your life.

Incidents of theft has increase, people being held at gun point- knife point, rape and killing or leaving the what was once a woman now a girl there to deal with the trauma, gun shooting in our neighbourhoods, holding people hostage, kidnapping, hijacking of cars, killing our people for what? Status!! Status!! Ego building!! Why. Get it by being an honest man or woman. 

Our society has been poisened, tainted by an epidemic that was meant to be eradicated a long time ago.


One comment on “Bloodlust

  1. Nicole America says:

    OH MY GOD. Amazing writing and so true our society is being blindened we are no longer and never was a free society to do as we please s we constantly have to be cautious about where we go and what we are doing in that area due to never being okay enough because of these ludacris and haines people who feels they can run ourselves, which in fact- sadly enough- they do.


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