My ugly face

My ugly face, the one with the perfect skin tone, complexion, soft silky texture. The one with the pimples and the spectacles, why must it always be the one with the pimples and spectacles though.

Eyebrows that has thick or slender arches, straight hairs or even none- technically speaking drawing it in counts as well.
Why my ugly face are you compared to yet another ugly face as we all see our faces as ugly. Someone somewhere also sees or found your face to be revolting.
Guess what it’s not.
There’s a myth regarding what a beautiful face looks like: it needs to be SYMMETRICAL, that’s the key. [… How though am I going to achieve that…]
Oh my crooked teeth shaped from the east to the west looking like the mountain itself. Its not perfect I agree. Then there is the straight teeth, aligned like the ice glaciers porcelain white, that too is found to be ugly.

Sorry to be forward but the last time I checked beauty comes from within. Was that not what true BEAUTY is or is it just something that is highly attractive and appreciated?

Well hell, another anomaly for the universe to unravel and reveal.


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