My cursed tongue

Venom spitting concepts spinning
Keep quiet: NO Keep quiet: NO!!

Each voice is meant to be heard YES

Unless it contradicts society’s perception 

Be truthful no, wear make up you look prettier 

No, wear your clothing like this because then you’ll fit in

That’s all its about

Dont you get it. We need to not overstep the lines that has already been made and walked.

Don’t try new things as it will only make people criticize you. But! Why should we care?

We were not born TO CONFORM to this world.

It is not fair that us “unique- individuals” need to be kept in a cage thinking, doing, and saying even thinking, to a degree, all that we are allowed to. 

Limits are set on a constant, boundaries are erected on a daily basis, and here we are LIFELESS bound by societal rules.


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